We are an Italian-Maltese company producing cosmetics and carrying out a lot of research and innovation on the subject of “professional cosmetics”.

The name “Cosm’Ethica” comes from the union of the words Cosmetics and Ethics.

We create natural cosmetics to protect, restructure or improve the skin and hair and their life cycle, to prevent blemishes or restore balance to the skin that already has them. Small and careful productions of niche, exclusive character and that follow methods of processing and handicraft production. This allows us to formulate and provide cosmetics for particular individual needs. Each of our solutions is a work of art made almost to measure.

We do not follow the classic laws of the market. We produce cosmetics for people and not for the laws of marketing that seek maximum profits at the expense of quality.We offer the world market of specialists in the field of skin and hair a range of products and services of the highest quality, a high level of training and information, adopting a simple and understandable style of communication.

The names we choose for the products we formulate, come from Latin; we chose this language because it was used to identify and classify plants, by “Carlo Linneo”, in his botanical treatise “Philosophia botanica”, written in 1751. In this work, Linnaeus, established the names of the parts of which flowers are composed and affirmed and demonstrated that botanical species, created in an eternal and immutable form according to a divine plan, were spontaneously arranged in a natural system classifiable in five categories: variety, species, genus, order and class. This classification is still current and used in botany. Previously, Aristotle, in the fourth century BC, classified them only by similarity.

The dose and the format of the products we produce is the result of an ethical and reasoned choice. Packages must be practical in use and maybe allow other functions, such as reducing the quantity of preservatives, being easily disposable or even occupying little space. Some packages are made of dark glass in order to avoid direct light from altering the content; all those products which do not need dark glass have simple packages, without tinsels and made of easily recyclable material. Often, after an accurate washing, they are reusable for other purposes. Our references are proposed in different sizes: for those who use them in large quantities, such as the professional sector, and for those who use a smaller quantity, such as at home, or, even in mini-size, if you need to always have with you your necessary or favorite products

Each element used in our products has already been verified and tested, therefore guaranteed, in hundreds and hundreds of years of common use; often they are substances with which we usually feed ourselves and that help us to stay healthy; oils, butters or vegetable derivatives. All the raw materials used are not enzymotoxic, are not shielding and do not block the physiological functions of the skin, such as natural transpiration (TEWL – Trans Epidermical Water Loss). The active ingredients we choose for our products have a molecular weight that allows them to be absorbed by the skin, stimulating its natural, correct and physiological behavior.We do not use aggressive substances or substances that can give undesirable effects to the skin.We do not use synthetic substances (such as petrolatum, paraffins, silicones and acrylates) that can prevent the skin from performing its functions or alter its physiological characteristics.