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The life of the hair

The hair apparently represents only an aesthetic attribute, and in part it is. They are the frame of our face We have 90 / 150,000 hairs on the scalp and their number is related to their color: in blondes they are on average 150,000, those who have blacks have about 110,000, browns 100,000 and reds …

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Hair with split ends

Split ends (a phenomenon also known as tricoptilosi’s) are one of the most annoying hair blemishes; this alteration of the hair shaft, frequent especially in women who wear long or medium-long hair, is characterized by the fact that on the terminal part of the hair but often also on the length, there are bifurcations that …

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Dry and dry hair

For many people – and women in particular – dry hair is an aesthetic problem not a small one, as dryness often gives hair that hated “straw effect” that gives, in a sense, a feeling of neglect . Dry hair is characterized by a dull, dull and dry appearance. Furthermore, hair that suffers from dryness …

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The expression lines of the skin

The passage of time and a lifestyle that is not always correct, lead to the progress of the phenomenon of skin aging, which is manifested by dehydration, thinning of the epidermis due to reduced cell proliferation, degradation of the collagen and elastin fibers present in the dermis , reduction of sebaceous secretion and muscle tone. …

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Dry and dry skin. The solution is “Suavissimo”

The epidermis is formed by multi-layered cells that remain adherent to each other like in a brick wall that protects us from external attacks and does not flake thanks to the presence of a “cement” composed of a particular class of fats that are called “ceramides”. Sometimes, due to high trans-epidermal water loss or external …

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More volume to the hair with Amplius

It is a multifunctional complex composed of trace elements, marine and botanical ingredients to increase the volume of thin, devitalized and weak hair. It is a treatment to repair and strengthen the structure of the hair; provides hair with substances that, both from inside and outside, repair and strengthen the keratin fiber, keeping it soft …

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Skin, foot and nail fungus

This information is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace, diagnose, treat or treat any disease Skin fungi are a group of microorganisms capable of causing various diseases affecting the epidermis and the dermis, generally known as cutaneous mycoses (or dermatomycoses) Also called fungi, fungi are commonly found in skin flora and …

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Sweating and bad skin odor

Sweating is a physiological phenomenon and is influenced by the nervous system; predominantly it is an organism’s response to the sensation of heat but it can also be a psychological / emotional factor. Our body has two to four million sweat glands that emit two different types of sweat;One is emitted by the sweat gland …

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Weak hair?

Olygos is a lotion that, applied before styling, tones the hair shaft (it is mineralizing on the hair shaft) and regularizes sebaceous production on the skin; has anti-dandruff activity on the scalp. Improves the condition of the hair, makes the hair shiny, soft, healthy and shiny, making it easier to dry.


De-Tergo Mitis Purgo a “universal” detergent for the whole body and hair

It is a “universal” gentle cleanser on the skin and hair. It is used as a bath / shower – Shampoo – intimate cleanser. It balances the sebum and the sudoral secretions of the skin. Calm dandruff; restructure the hair. The bactericidal, antiseptic and sanitizing properties also make it an excellent detergent for intimate areas. …