Not all of us are lucky enough to be born with full and sensual lips and what’s more, there is now a new study that demonstrates how, over the years, the common destiny is that of increasingly thin lips, with a significant loss of volume and thinning, especially of the upper lip.

The research, which appeared in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) official medical journal, has seen how aging coincides with a decrease in the thickness of the soft tissue of the upper lip of about 41% in women and 33% in men. But if having beautiful lips is certainly the ambition of many women (and even a few boys), on the other hand, it must be said that surgical interventions often only serve to have a “rowboat” as lips and nothing more. In fact, if surgery is the most obvious method of having voluminous lips, it is also the most risky, the most expensive and, unfortunately, painful. Therefore, before resorting to surgery and various injections, you can try to enhance and “swell” your lips in a natural way with the help of a cosmetic. Of course, they will never be like those that can be obtained with cosmetic surgery, but it is always more natural, less painful, cheaper and, … better than nothing!

The lip area is very sensitive to hormones and these decrease physiologically over the years. From the first hormonal changes the lips begin to age, gradually losing turgidity and filling with folds and fine lines (more evident in smokers) but by hydrating and stimulating the circulation of the lips, it is possible to counteract the signs of aging, minimize the loss of water from tissues (responsible for the loss of turgor) and stimulate the production of collagen by the cells of the epidermis. To have plump and swollen lips it is therefore important to hydrate them daily, even several times a day.

Serum Labia Plumping

It’s a natural product based on substances that stimulate local circulation; contains algae extracts that have a “plumping” effect on the lips and which, by drawing water inside, stimulate the production of collagen and a latest generation active peptide, with redensifying properties;

Labia Plumping is a serum: it is made to penetrate deeper into the skin and is also useful in the treatment of wrinkles around the lips.
The result of applying Labia Plumping will be to have softer and fuller lips.

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