The De-Tergo line is composed of cleansing products capable of eliminating foreign substances on the skin and on the hair.

The whole range of Cosm’Ethica cleansers is also suitable for those with sensitive and reactive skin because it is completely free of aggressive surfactants such as sulphates and sulfosuccinates. In their place, balanced mixtures of delicate surfactants that are obtained from glucose such as APG (Alkyl Poly Glucosides) are used.

In this line there are cleaning products, foam baths, make-up removers and shampoos.
Thanks to the delicate washing substances they contain, they leave optimal hydration on skin and hair

  • Soft, shiny and healthy hair
  • Bright, clean and hydrated skin.

Then, depending on the type of product, they contain specific functional substances which can be anti-dandruff, sebum-balancing, moisturizing, conditioning etc.

All the products in the line are also perfect for washing the delicate skin of children and that of older people, notoriously thinner and more dry.

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