Managing curly hair is difficult: They are beautiful, voluptuous and hyperseducent; this type of hair, in fact, characterized by elasticity and dynamism, has always been a symbol of a wild and rebellious character, but woe to try to contrast its nature! The
the result could be “frizzy” or the loss of the hedgehog
There are often doubts about curly hair; how to make them, how to dry them, how to cut them but also about how to recover the lost hedgehog or enhance its shape.
Obviously, every type of hair needs products that meet specific needs. In the case of curly hair, for example, these are “hydration and frizz control”. In fact, managing curly and frizzy hair is very complicated but it is possible using appropriate treatments. Washing curly hair every day or in any case very often and with aggressive products is harmful because, in order to maintain its dynamic shape, it needs natural sebum. Eliminating it aggressively risks making it more fragile and compromising its volume.
Very often people who had curly hair ask themselves, “Why is my hair not as curly as before?” There are many causes that can lead to this change. In addition to hormonal or genetic reasons, incorrect behaviors and habits also interfere which compromise the natural beauty of the hedgehog.
Using the straightener too much, for example, is extremely harmful: the hair loses hydration and the curls lose their elasticity, resulting in a frizzy and hybrid effect that is decidedly with little appeal. Likewise, drying curly hair without a diffuser does not contribute to enhancing the curl.
Fortunately, it is possible to recover the lost hedgehog by choosing mild, sulphate-free shampoos, such as those from the “De-tergo” line, conditioners and masks free of silicones and mineral oils such as our Fresh Cudless and, also for the finish, it is good to use products made with a revitalizing formula to revive curly hair like Goldilocks, rich in restructuring silk proteins; Guar and Chitosan which give elasticity and protect the hair.
Goldilocks is a gel that must be applied before drying for a natural effect or on damp hair to obtain a wet but elastic effect.

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