It is not the wrinkles nor the stains: the most widespread beauty-obsession is the enlarged pores, because they compromise the uniformity of the skin texture, turn off the brightness of the complexion (worsening the phenomena of refraction and reflection of light) and open the way to blackheads, which in addition to being unsightly, are at risk of inflammation. That of enlarged pores is a fixation so widespread and transversal at any age, that it has conquered a proper name: “poressia”.
The term was coined by an Australian dermatologist referring to a study conducted which showed that 45% of women are much more obsessed with pore size than with other facial blemishes.
In every square centimeter of skin there are about 150 pores: they are used to connect the sebaceous glands to the surface which, more deeply, produce sebum to form the hydrolipidic layer. In a perfectly balanced situation the pores have a diameter of about 50 microns: an ideal size, which can be compromised by some factors. Much depends on the type of skin: the most dry and normal are less at risk of developing this blemish, while the fat or mixed are more exposed, because of constitution tend to have larger pores and produce more sebum. This, in turn, may change, perhaps due to the use of aggressive detergents or creams that are not suitable for your skin type. Other possible causes are hormonal, like an excess of androgens, which increase the production of sebum, and in part, aging, because the loss of elasticity of the skin helps to better highlight the skin texture.
Sebum-balancing serum, contains natural substances that reduce the production of sebum, are astringent, moisturizing and reducing the size of the pores. Sebum-aequatis is bactericidal for skin and hair. Ideal for those with hyperseborroic and impure skin.
Mode of use
• Use on the face: some steamed one or more times a day. Do not exceed in use and do not rinse
• Use on scalp in case of excess sebum: about 5 ml distributed on the scalp after the shampoo. Before drying. Do not rinse
• Astringent: The effect is immediately perceptible as a feeling of “astringency” and “freshness” that produces an increase in skin tone.
• Moisturizing, it does not dry the skin (despite its astringent action) and moisturizes the horny layer making the skin elastic.
• Shrinkage of dilated pores typical of mixed-fat skins and which are excessively shiny at the T zone.
• Reduces the number of enlarged pores: -22% after 10 minutes
• Reduces the total pore area: -43% after 10 minutes
• Has a sebum normalizing action; is able to regulate excessive sebaceous secretion,
• Minimizes the shiny appearance of hyperseborrheic skin and smoothes the skin surface.

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