The passage of time and a lifestyle that is not always correct, lead to the progress of the phenomenon of skin aging, which is manifested by dehydration, thinning of the epidermis due to reduced cell proliferation, degradation of the collagen and elastin fibers present in the dermis , reduction of sebaceous secretion and muscle tone.
In fact, in the dermis of the peri-ocular district there are lower quantities of collagen and elastic fibers than other parts of the body, the adipose tissue is poorly represented and the area is subjected to various types of stress, all reasons why some conditions such as congestion, hyperemia or other circulatory changes, are easily and visibly reflected on the skin surface.

In fact, as the skin ages, it loses its structure, relaxes, tends to dehydrate and becomes less elastic. In particular, the fibroblasts present in the dermis gradually lose their activity which results in the inevitable reduction of the synthesis of collagen, elastic fibers and glycosaminoglycans, fundamental elements to support the skin and give it tone, hydration, firmness and elasticity. Furthermore, as aging progresses, the elastic fibers and collagen already formed become thinner altering their structure. These phenomena are particularly evident and early in a fragile and subtle area such as that of the eye area, more prone to develop pigmentations, small wrinkles, dark circles and bags.

Genetic predisposition and aging on the one hand, external factors, such as continuous exposure to the sun or to solar lamps, bad eating habits, poor night sleep, smoking and stress on the other, can favor the process of thinning of the tissues and slowing of the blood flow, causing expression lines that appear above the upper lip of the mouth (called “bar code”), on the sides of the eyes (the “crow’s feet”), sometimes with swelling of the eyelids , and all this plays an important role also in the manifestation of dark circles and bags under the eyes.

“Chicken feet” is the wording with which, in common language, we want to indicate the wrinkles that develop in the eye area, at the outer corners of the eyes. The peculiar name attributed to these imperfections of the time derives from their shape, vaguely resembling that of crow’s feet.

“Bar code”, on the other hand, is defined as the imperfection that forms above the upper lip and gives the area that wrinkled appearance and which forms a real bar code and not very turgid. As if the skin tissue was emptied.

In general, these manifestations are imperfections of “time” belonging to the group of so-called expression lines or wrinkles that are formed as a result of the action exerted by the mimic muscles on the skin of the face and are also present in young individuals, but tend to become marked and evident only as time goes by. These phenomena associated with the continuous stress of the mimic muscles of the face therefore give rise to evident wrinkles, more or less marked and permanent.

All types of wrinkles represent a decidedly ill-liked imperfection by the majority of people (both women and men) who consider him a real “enemy” to fight.

Serum Ante Expression – Eye contour gel minilifting effect

It is a treatment gel to temporarily reduce or smooth out visually the expression wrinkles at the corners of the eyes and on the area above the lip from the first applications with tensor effect and mini-lifting; contains draining substances on the possible presence of edema and vasoconstrictors on the cutaneous microcirculation for a reddening effect on the bags and dark circles. Not greasy. Does not shield the natural transpiration of the skin; it is an excellent makeup base and helps to fix its makeup.

Mode of use

Apply a small amount of product (about 0.5 ml) to the affected area, clean and dry with a light massage, until completely absorbed.

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