It is a multifunctional complex composed of trace elements, marine and botanical ingredients to increase the volume of thin, devitalized and weak hair.

It is a treatment to repair and strengthen the structure of the hair; provides hair with substances that, both from inside and outside, repair and strengthen the keratin fiber, keeping it soft and hydrated:

• Proteins: from the native marine collagen for the external protection of the hair

• Amino acids: from hydrolyzed elastin for internal use increase vitality

• Polysaccharides and moisturizing factors: extracts from the honey extract increase the ability to retain and capture water

• Complex of trace elements particularly suitable for the hair which contains a safe and effective percentage of elements (Zn, Cu, Mg and Mn) with an organic bond for a perfect keratin structure of the stem.

Amplius increases the protection of hair against external agents thanks to the ability of marine collagen to produce a natural protective film. Honey and elastin, combined with trace elements, give the hair a wonderful sensation of softness and healthy hair with a natural shine.

Amplius fixed the fold in a balanced way, not greasy, non-sticky and has an important moisturizing ability on dry and dry hair.

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