Whatever their shape, whether they are lean, muscular or curvy, legs are often considered the “quintessence” of femininity. From an anatomical point of view our lower limbs are an example of mechanical and hydraulic engineering. A delicate balance of functionality and aesthetics that is not always easy to maintain, especially for women. These, in fact, […]

Relaxation and emptying of breasts and buttocks

breast and buttocks

Cosm’Ethica’s response to relaxation and “emptying” of the breast and buttocks From Aphrodite to many Greek myths, the breast image is deeply linked to an atavistic and unconscious “principle of fertilization and nourishment”. The breast in all populations and latitudes is an organ rich in symbolic meanings, reassuring for the function of nourishing the offspring, […]

Thin and little fleshy lips

Not all of us are lucky enough to be born with full and sensual lips and what’s more, there is now a new study that demonstrates how, over the years, the common destiny is that of increasingly thin lips, with a significant loss of volume and thinning, especially of the upper lip. The research, which […]

Dark circles and bags under the eyes

Dark circles appear as bluish-gray halos and can compromise the beauty of the gaze, giving those who suffer from it a tired, sad or ill appearance. They occur in approximately the same percentage in both male and female and is much more frequent than you might think. The imperfection generally occurs after the age of […]

Brittle nails after reconstruction or that tend to flake

The nails are cutaneous appendages, also called “horny productions of the epidermis”, which are placed on the dorsal face of the last phalanges of the fingers and toes. The nails contribute substantially to the manipulative precision of the hand. Thanks to the presence of these foils we are able to handle very small objects, such […]

De-Tergo Line

The De-Tergo line is composed of cleansing products capable of eliminating foreign substances on the skin and on the hair. The whole range of Cosm’Ethica cleansers is also suitable for those with sensitive and reactive skin because it is completely free of aggressive surfactants such as sulphates and sulfosuccinates. In their place, balanced mixtures of […]

Any problem in making the make-up cling to your skin or in its duration?

We know that the duration of a makeup is limited in time but sometimes we need it to last at least the whole day; Work commitments, special occasions and events etc. Enforcer Fix Makeup can help you. Vaporized before makeup is an excellent makeup base; it helps to make the colored molecules adhere to the […]

The Curly Hair

Curly Hair

Managing curly hair is difficult: They are beautiful, voluptuous and hyperseducent; this type of hair, in fact, characterized by elasticity and dynamism, has always been a symbol of a wild and rebellious character, but woe to try to contrast its nature! The the result could be “frizzy” or the loss of the hedgehogThere are often […]

Poressy: large pores

Large Pore

It is not the wrinkles nor the stains: the most widespread beauty-obsession is the enlarged pores, because they compromise the uniformity of the skin texture, turn off the brightness of the complexion (worsening the phenomena of refraction and reflection of light) and open the way to blackheads, which in addition to being unsightly, are at […]

Mix Aromatique

I Mix Aromatique they are synergies of totally pure essential oils that are extracted exclusively by steam or, for some, by water. This type of extraction, completely natural, makes it possible not to treat them chemically after extraction as there are no toxic constituents residues that can alter the skin. The “Mix Aromatique” bring the […]